11 Ways to Promote a Blog for Free on Social Media.

1. Fan page

If you do not have a Fanpage I suggest this is the first thing you go do for many reasons! Number  #1 Facebook does not like you ‘selling’ on your main profile so they created business pages. Number #2 Facebook at this time only allows 5,000 friends so that really puts a cap on the amount of eyeballs on your posts. (Not to mention Facebook Algorithms can drastically cut those numbers.)

Your Fanpage allows you an unlimited number of likes AND the people who are liking your Fanpage are actually people in your niche market.

2. Your Personal Time Line

I KNOW I JUST SAID TO USE YOUR FANPAGE….. The clever thing is I like to use the share button on my post from my Fanpage TO my personal timeline.This allows the friends who don’t know you have a Fanpage to take a look and like it and makes your engagement on your Fanpage go up.

3. Syndication Groups

This is key to getting your content spread , comments on your blog and your blog to rank higher. Simply go to the search bar on Facebook and search for ‘Syndication’ or ‘Blog Syndication’ in the groups file.

Look for groups with high engagement and look in the rules tab. I like to find groups that have a rule where you have to share at least 3 or more posts and comment before your can add your post. These groups work on the honor system that everyone is doing their part to syndicate on one another’s blog posts.

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4. Email your list

You always want to Email your list because they are following you and looking to you for the answers! 

So let them know the new content you just put out and why they need to check it out.

5. Instagram

Instagram is an amazing place to post your blog title picture on because that is what Instagram is all about. I love to post my blog picture on Instagram and then by the power of hashtags I can get my blog post seen by hundreds and hundreds of people within my niche. So do a little hashtag research for popular tags within your niche or target market.

6. Pinterest

Same concept as Instagram…. I take the same picture I use on Instagram and spread it on my boards. I place my picture in the congruent boards and then my followers get a notification. Most importantly the people following that specific board will check out my content and possibly share it.

Pinterest is a VERY POWERFUL way to get your content shared because once it is on a board whether it is your board or someone saved a pin to theirs…It then is there for everyone to see potentially for a very long time.

11 ways to Promote a Blog for FREE on Social Media! #blog #mlm #marketing #entrepreneur Click To Tweet

7. Twitter + Automation

I ALWAYS plug my blog into Twitter but most importantly on automation. I use a tool Called Tweet Jukebox  that allows me to put a post into the machine one time and it spreads my content for FOREVER. If you would like to learn about this tool and how I automate my Twitter you can watch my Training on 5 Steps for Easy Twitter Leads on Autopilot.

8. Youtube

If you are not doing video marketing then your business is not growing as fast as it should be.. PERIOD. Even if you have good momentum I can promise that you can improve your growth by shooting video .. DRASTICALLY!

For every blog post I shoot a video to go along with my blog post..Why?? Because getting your face in front of people is how they get to know like and trust YOU!

9. Google +

indexFollow us on Google+

I love Google + because guess what???? Google as of now is still the #1 search engine! This allows people to very easily find your content especially if your using the proper tags.

Another great thing is that as you grow your following on Google+ and as you have more and more content your net gets bigger. If your friends or following on Google+ go to look something up and your keyword is something they are looking for your blog will pop up. If they already know you guess who they are gonna click on?

10. Quotes with your Branded Website

This is an amazing way to get your site out there and known because Everyone loves quotes!!!

What I like to do is search for quotes within my niche and having to do with my niche. I target network marketers/ entrepreneurs so I like to find gurus within our niche or successful business quotes on Pinterest

I then use my phone to add my site using either Phonto or Pic collage …there is a zillion just search for text to picture apps.

11. Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are amazing for sharing your content. Once again go to the search bar and look for groups within your target market. Make sure you check the rules so you know if your allowed to share your blog post there or else someone might report you and you may end up in Facebook Jail. Which if you have no idea what Facebook Jail is…it is exactly what it sounds like. You get blocked from posting in Facebook groups so stick to posting where your allowed to.

So my golden rule is sharing my blog post to about 10 groups an hour or longer.

11 ways to Promote a Blog for FREE on Social Media! #blog #mlm #marketing #entrepreneur Click To Tweet

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