Your Wellness Coach is Theo Herbots

Your Wellness Coach is Theo Herbots. Theo will make sure you have the tools, accountability and encouragement you need to reach your goals. Your coach is the first friend within the iChange community and will help support you to get the most out of the experience.

All that is required of you is a few minutes of time each day to share your progress. Log your food, record your exercise and track other simple everyday things like yoursleep and energy. These inputs will give you and your coach insight into how to reach your goals.

How iChange Works

support groups How iChange Works

step 1

Sign Up with your Coach

Your wellness coach provides guidance and support to help you meet your goals.

step 1

Track your Progress

Use the online tools to set goals and record your progress.

step 1

Share with Others

Connect with friends to share experiences, provide support and stay accountable.

Join Theo Herbots’s
FREE iChange nutrition program

  • Receive guidance from your Wellness Coach, Theo Herbots
  • Be accountable with a supportive community focused on health
  • Reach your nutrition, fitness and weight goals

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Nutrition Logging Made Simple
Log up to 5 meals a day with iChange

  • Review nutritional values for the foods you eat
  • Track your caloric and nutritional intake
  • Set goals based on personalized recommendations

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Get fit
Stay active and track your exercise

  • Select from over 100 exercises or add your own
  • Track calories burned and time logged
  • Set goals and track your progress

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Stay on Track
Log your daily stress, mood, energy, sleep + more

  • Gain insight into your overall well-being
  • Learn how nutrition and exercise affect how you feel
  • Change habits to gain balance in your life

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