Hijazi almond coffee (my first video recipe)

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Chef in disguise

Starting the year with a warm and comforting white note 🙂

White is the color many cultures use to celebrate new beginnings and the Arabic/middle eastern culture is no exception. Today’s recipe (which was this month’s Arabic flavor assignment): Hijazi coffee (also known as almond coffee, white coffee,or sweet coffee) is a popular drink in the Hijaz area of Saudi arabia (hence the name Hijazi coffee). It is usually served to celebrate childbirth, graduations, Islamic new year and other happy occasions. Symbolizing a sweet, warm and comforting beginning.

Almond coffee chef in disguise.jpg

Despite being called Hijazi coffee, this drink has no coffee or caffeine for that matter.It uses ground almonds in the place of ground coffee beans making it a perfect option for those who want to enjoy a warm drink while keeping their caffeine intake in check.This white “coffee” is velvety smooth, rich without being overly so. Add the sprinkle of aromatic spices and the…

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