The wonderful world of mushrooms Toxic? or Healing?

The wonderful world of mushrooms Toxic? or Healing?


Everything about the wondrous world of mushrooms, I invite everyone to put as much information in the group Texts videos, etc., as long as it is only meant well and as long as it has to do with mushrooms. So no advertising of other products or systems

Since I read an article about how Ebola could be counteracted with Reishi and Cordiceps two articles I happen to have in my sales program, am I, and more went looking for interesting mushrooms and am dumbfounded by stood, how many facebook groups there are around fungi, but is usually limited to only one kind. I have therefore decided to set up where everyone can talk about “all” types of mushrooms. His own ownership group I would ask as many people as possible to join this group, even if they can do no ownership himself a member it is always interesting to learn from the things that others bring. Thank you in advance for your interest

Therefore, I formed a new group where the bdeoeling is that information is shared with each other. In from all over the world over as many mushrooms Videos, Lyrics, recipes etc..

Click on the picture below for instant access to this new group


The rise of modern industry and the new way of working in agriculture, there are many padestoelenculturen lost.
Moreover went (at least in my country) people regularly with the children on their quest for mushrooms and was taught from childhood which were edible, which is poisonous and how they could prepare tastiest. The
By advent of modern mushroom farms, this tradition also destroyed or lost while regrettable lot of knowledge

I continue to deal with camputcheathee (with camputchea mushroom) me for years

And later I’m all begin to look about Reishi (Ganoderma Lucidum)

The way that I make the tea as shown above is a combination of Organo Gold Organic Vegetable tea (which also Ganoderma Luciduminserted)

The Organic Red Tea by Organo Gold Where Moreover Cordiceps inside

And black tea organogold where Guarana and Organic Honey in it

If you want to do this yourself, so I will give you the chance to order at wholesale prices (So you do not think I can order directly themselves at wholesale prices first purchase at wholesale price and then selling at a profit,)

I give below a video on the benefits of Ganoderma Luciduma on the beneficial effects of Cordiceps about Guarana and Honey. So you can see how one can combine. Auspiciousness of various mushrooms and other products

I will later attach a video about the beneficence of Red Tea, Green Tea and Black Tea, but do limit myself to the beneficence of various mushrooms.

If there are people who know other combinations, please let me know and I connect share it with anyone who would opdit Blog and my facebook group.

>>>>> Here the link where you can purchase at wholesale price, this tea click HERE

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